Every artist has a thing they do before recording or writing a song. 

One thing many Music Artist do when doing what we called “getting yo head straight” is Freestyle. When you freestyle not only it helps you loosened up but bring up ideas. Did you know some music artists don’t write; they freestyle? To do so though, you need a lot of practice but most importantly a great beat that gets you moving, that gets you motivated to spit.

Music Artists choose to freestyle before recording mainly for these three reasons

a)- to loosen up
b)- to get ideas
c)- get their head str8

Keeping that in mind we are releasing this update.


Have you been in the studio skipping through beats trying to find the right sound to record a new song and just can`t find the right beat? One thing many artists do, they jump on any beat and freestyle, it helps you get your thoughts together so it’s easy to lay them bars down and turn them into a song or a quick 16.

Today we released this beat with the purpose of giving you the motivation to write. It’s a great beat for freestyle. A good thing about this update is that this beat is free to download from our store and to make this upload interesting we are making the untagged version of this beat available for free which mean you getting a clean beat with no voice-tag.

Head over to Spacedout Beats Store and download this untagged beat on us.