What`s mixing?

Mixing is when you combine or blend one mass or mixture. These verbs mean to put into or come together in one mass so that constituent parts or elements are diffused or merged.

But it is probably not what you’re looking for. If you referring to mixing music! Here is what mixing means in music production.

What does Mixing means in Music Production?


In music production industry when we talk about mixing, we are either mixing vocals, sounds or we are mixing the two together, so audio mixing is really the process of combining multiple layers of audio together which it could be vocals with beat / instrumentals to turn it into a final master track.

For example, when you create or make a beat, putting all sounds together to have what we called a beat, it will be called mixing. When your producer takes your recorded vocals and prep them to put them together with the beat/instrumentals, that’s mixing. Mixing can also be when you modify an existing track.

Mixing is the base to every great music production, so yes, there is a process and specifics tool needed to acquire a great mix. Mixing is an art and the artist decide how to deliver it. I say that to not be wrong about telling you some of the thing you need for mixing.

To be able to mix you most have a mixing software which we know as a DAW like Pro tools | FL StudioAbleton etc. DAWs are very advance and they make it easy to do things. Still, to be able to mix there are a set of tools or most likely to be a set of Vst Plugins that are essential to get a good mix. 

What do you Need for Mixing Music?

The essential things you need for mixing music are EQs, Compressors, Reverbs.

You use Equalizer to gives clarity to your tack by making frequency blend well.


Compressor is used to reduces the dynamic range of the recording by bringing down the level of the loudest parts, so basically the loud and quiet parts are now closer together in volume.


We use Reverb to give a sense of space to the track. Reverb pushes some instrument back, to give depth to vocals, or give life to your guitar solo or where u need it. Reverb is very important, very useful.


Even though we talk about mixing as some what a first step when producing music, everything is mixing. from when you get out the booth to when you receive the track. Even before, what I mean is the beats need several steps of mixing, your vocals need mixing separate from the beat, then convening the two, more mixing, and finally mastering your track, a little more mixing.

Hopefully we helped you gain a better understanding of what mixing is.