Social Media for Musicians

Where to Promote Music Online? What is the best Social Media to Start a Business on?

If you are having this kind of questions, then we should talk about some of the best social media to promote your music. Regardless of your industry the best Social Media to start just about any business are:

Facebook | Instagram TwitterYouTube

The Best Social Media for Music Promotion

“Find the best social media to grow a fan base and promote music.”

If this is what your search be looking like, then you probably know how essential social media is to an artist career. With so many options to choose from, it can get crazy! You can`t cover so much ground and time is very important you can`t afford to spend it trying out social media one by one looking for the best social media for a musician, so check this out.

Even if you are on the best social media for what you do, it isn't guaranteed you are going to get the best out of it. You must know every social media is different so, therefore you need to learn it and treat it accordantly in other to get the best out of it.

The best social media for a musician to get the best result, gain fans faster and take their career to the next level are:



Is your serious right now?

Yes, even after security breach everybody still uses Facebook. It still the largest SM and to be honest Facebook still the best way of effectively promoting your music. There are so many different features offered when bosting a post which allows you to reach not only a large audience but the right audience. By creating a Facebook account and just do what you do with your normal account, check it when u remember or visit only when a new song/beat/album comes out it`s just not gonna happen. Learn how to manages your Facebook page and profiles is essential to get a good or better result just like on another social media, but no doubt you will get a good result from boosting posts.



Alright, let’s talk about Instagram aka. IG. Since 2012 Instagram has been the property of Facebook. It is not the reason why Instagram made the list, but because of the 700 million monthly active accounts. Instagram is a great place for brand-building. Do you want a huge amount of engagement on a single post? Boost a post on Instagram. Speaking about sharing, sometimes I boost a post from one of my Facebook pages and choose to promote it to Instagram and I tell you I get very good results.

I love the fact that your IG post can be pushed to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr which mean it reaches more fans. So, increase engagement and start branding on Instagram.



Before I was introduced to Twitter, I hate it. But after seeing how fast Twitter was growing I just had to join, and I tell you I love twitter. 140-character, tweet, Bump! Your news is out.

Twitter focuses on making network quick and easy and sometimes that just what you need as a busy artist. Twitter is where news is broken so, it is a great place to publish updates new song, new album, an upcoming tour, etc.

Twitter is great to get in touch with people and engage with fans. This is made easy with mentions, joining list and quote fans tweets. Learn more about Twitter



I don’t think I have to mention YouTube. It’s a new age of technology and everything its cough on cams and with 1.5 billion monthly users you be crazy not to consider promoting on YouTube.

If you ask me I`ll say YouTube is the main social media for musicians. You can post your music video, or you can record your shows, tours, ya`ll bogging out in the studio, a freestyle, you, recording in the shower lml. Do you know what I’m saying? you can get closer to your fans by showing them more than just songs to listen to. May I remind you, you are posting where there are 1.5 billion users.

The best part about YouTube is that you can actually make money once you have mad follower and persistence viewer know’ I mean so you can not only promote but make money to keep boosting your brand.

So, there you have it join this network and start increasing your fan base and popularity.

Music Artists Should Consider These Social Medial

 Where Should I Post My Music


For so many reasons you should join on many social media and places you can only as far as you can stay active on all of them so, here is a few more options worth looking @. You will find they are a bit different than the above list since they are designed more for music and artists.

Bandcamp: Bandcamp is the “IT” place for music artists especially if you are self-promoting. You can post your tracks/songs and add your own price, you can connect with fans and best of all you can use it as a distribution center to have your music distributed to mayor sources like iTunes.

SoundCloud: Everybody and their motha know about SoundCloud. You can post your song and allow fans to share it, like it, listen to it, repost, comment on it. Picture and social media where you only post music instead of stories, videos, and photos. What makes it even hotter is the fact that you can also sell your music on SoundCloud monetarize or use a 3rd party to monetarize your SC ain`t that cool as F?

And for more features depending on what you do, you should look at

BeatStar: If you are a recording artist, beatmaker or music producer BeatStar is a great start. It`s a social media marketplace you can communicate and network with artists and producers from all levels. And the main feature we look for, you can sell your work, run promotion to increase vision. They offer both paid and free membership. Unlock better feature when you upgrade.

And the list can go on with places where music artists and music producers can post or start working on their internet presence. I will leave you with these few other like SC & BS

Reservation | Musical.ly

Note: Although social media is essential to your career you defiantly need to get your own website, domain and all. Unless u already have one. This should be your next thing on the list after getting on the right social media.