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What is One Thing Music Artists Do Before Recording a Song/Before Getting in the Booth?


Every artist has a thing they do before recording or writing a song. 

One thing many Music Artist do when doing what we called “getting yo head straight” is Freestyle. When you freestyle not only it helps you loosened up but bring up ideas. Did you know some music artists don’t write; they freestyle? To do so though, you need a lot of practice but most importantly a great beat that gets you moving, that gets you motivated to spit.

Music Artists choose to freestyle before recording mainly for these three reasons

Summer Tracks Why do you often need to create New Tracks?


Summer Tracks

Where can I find new instrumentals beats at a low price?

Do you have your music ready for this summer 2019? Have you started looking for new beats for your summer tracks?

Being a musician is a job and your product is your music, your song. Old products don’t sell, do they? So, to ensure you get a better chance to sell your music you need to create and bring new music every so often.

Talking about making new music, Summer is our season bruh! It`s when mad shows are happening, everybody`s on the streets, party every weekend know I mean, so you need to stay on top of the game and have your new tracks ready for shows and performances, but most importantly you need new songs ready to promote.

Why do you often need to create New Tracks?

Social Media for Musicians What is the best place to Increase my Fan Base


Social Media for Musicians

Where to Promote Music Online? What is the best Social Media to Start a Business on?

If you are having this kind of questions, then we should talk about some of the best social media to promote your music. Regardless of your industry the best Social Media to start just about any business are:

Facebook | Instagram TwitterYouTube

The Best Social Media for Music Promotion

“Find the best social media to grow a fan base and promote music.”

If this is what your search be looking like, then you probably know how essential social media is to an artist career. With so many options to choose from, it can get crazy! You can`t cover so much ground and time is very important you can`t afford to spend it trying out social media one by one looking for the best social media for a musician, so check this out.

Opportunity for Music Producers

Find a place to sale beats for free | Share Instrumentals/Beats




Looking for a place to sale beats, promote your sound, get more people to listen to your beats and gain new customers?

It is so easy to have your own website to sale your music, but not so easy to get your website seen and generate traffic so your product sales. The majority of music producer normally start on Airbit, Beatstars or a similar platform, but what if that’s not enough for you? You want more

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