After spending my last few months developing a few websites I now thought was time to put out some new music.

     This mixtape is a collection of songs I have done this year. it`s named B4B (B4 I begin) just because I`m at a point in life where I want to become more focus on my music career by pushing more beats, more songs and best of all help other artists. I believe we artists gotta come together in other to become successful in this music industry. So, before I begin and start doing all those thing which I already have lined up, I publish this mixtape.

     As a music artist we always need to take a break and come back with some new music, it`s just the way we do things. So, I now have this new mixtape (Be 4 I Begin) available for free listening at SoundCloud and free download at my website Spacedout Beats.

     It`s free just because. I make songs for fun. I really enjoy making beats... I`m a producer/beat maker so, when I make songs I like to just give them away. It`s just what I want or the way I like to handle that. For now I just use songs for promotion and to get my self heard and get my brand out there...

     Any who, take advantage and get these free songs I just posted. 

    You`re always welcome to follow me on Facebook  Twitter  Google  Instagram  Link In. I do a lot of different things as a musician and I`m now able to help you in so many ways. I manage to gain experience on how to producepromote and shine. I have a great personality, you should get to know me...! 

     We all have our own need so why don't you just hit me up and let`s talk and see what u need help with as an artist. I`m here to help you. Competition is tight and you need all the help and exposure you can get and I can help with that.

     Hope you like the songs. You are always welcome to leave your feed back.


Thank you !

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