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1. What is Spacedout Beats?

Spacedout Beats is an online store for high quality sounds and music.

2. Do you accept collaboration work?

Yes, we accept collaboration work if you do not want an outright purchase from our collection. 

3. Do you customize beats?

Yes, we do customized beats to fit your music preference. Please contact us for your requirements.

4. What payment options do you accept?

Our preferred payment option is PayPal, but we also accept debit or credit card payments such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. 

5. I am a musician; can I sell my own beats to Spacedout Beats?

No, we currently do not outsource sounds from other music producers.

6. Can I use the “free download” beats to my YouTube campaign video?

The “free download” beats are for non-commercial use/non-profit use including no monetization in YouTube videos. Read more about the terms before downloading.

7. Do I need to subscribe for a long-term license membership?

No, you can subscribe as long you want and can cancel anytime.

8. How long will I receive my purchased sound?

After payment, the download link for your purchased beats will be automatically sent to your email (please check your spam folder to make sure you get your purchased sound.)

9. Do you offer discounts for your sound products?

Yes, we offer discounts periodically. Please join our mailing list to receive promotional updates. Upon checkout, simply enter your coupon code to apply the discount.

10. Can I use the sound I purchased for a commercial project?

The commercial usage of each sound will depend on the license you purchased. Currently, we have Lease, Premium, Exclusive, and Ownership. Read more about the license packages before you make a purchase.

11. Can I return the sound I just purchased?

We do not accept returns, a purchase is considered done after payment and download. However, we will only accept if we delivered a wrong order. 

12. How can I contact Spacedout Beats?

Please email at or drop us a message through the website inquiry form.