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Established in June 2007 by Joseph Cruz, is a friendly fair store originated in a small apartment in reading PA, on budget but with great dedication and good tools. Before, I had a normal full-time job. My passion for music enabled me to produce high quality sounds to share with those who want to inspire other people through music. 

But even when I was still working full time, I record or write songs whenever I had the opportunity. After some years, I started creating beats full time. Motivated by my passion for music, I decided to take the beat game to the next level. My hard work and dedication were paid off, as I was able to turn my visions into reality. 

I have now a thriving online store, serving clients across the US and even outside the countries. The trust that you will give to me is such a treasure I would value, so let me give you an assurance that selling one of my quality beats will give you an opportunity to share your passion for music in the industry. I hope you enjoy my beats or products as much as I enjoy providing them to you.

Have an inspiration!

One major benefit of taking beats from my online store is that you can find an inspiration right on the spot. My music can be your great source to more than just one reason. Once you buy beats at, you can also become accustomed to the latest styles and trends. Simply browse through my offers and you will exactly see what most people want to listen to presently. Also, you can be able to adjust your creations depending on your requirements. 

Great quality sounds at great price

It doesn’t matter what kind of budget you have, as can give you high quality sounds without breaking your bank account. Plus, you can always settle for a budget and purchase only the products/beats you will use for your creations. This is such a practical move as you don’t need to throw money off the window on things you will not really use. I have prepared beats suited to all requirements and budget, so there’s no need to worry a lot. 

Make great music

Another biggest advantage that you will obtain once you invest in is having the ability to make some great music. Especially for aspiring musicians, this is your chance to explore the world of music and share what you’ve got. My quality beats will help you. So, if you think it is impossible for you to make beats, my online store is always available. By doing so, you will not only save yourself from a lot of time, but you will also become more creative in fields that you’re already good at. Rest assured that you can get a remarkable edge when purchasing beats online as you’ll be able to create lots of songs in just a small period of time. 

Take your music to the next level!

Traditionally, creating a song with the help of a music producer in a local music studio costs large amount of money. That is only for one track or beat. And, there are cases in which people are not satisfied with the results. Now, you can avoid getting involved in this scenario. With our beats being offered, you can potentially reduce the risk of not getting the right track. How would I make this possible? Simple! You can preview the track again and again and rap or sing together with the beat with your lyrics to test how it flows before making a final decision. 

If a selection doesn’t suit your style, then continue looking through and previewing our beats until you find the best track suitable to you. The beats you will find in are extensive and diverse. Thus, choosing the right beats is not a difficult task. You can always ask my assistance in case you have questions or concerns about the beats available in m online store. I would be glad to help. 

Many independent and aspiring artists rave over the fact that they were able to take their career and their music to the next level through improving the superiority of their songs with my affordable, quality music production. Even when tight in budget, songwriter, singer, artists or rapper could find many different beats that surely complement their vocal delivery and style for as little as [insert price]!
Ready to conquer the music industry with beautiful songs of yours but still can’t find the right place to get started? Call us now or email at and browse my huge collection of high quality sounds!