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Great News!! Spacedout Beats is growing.

     Visiting Spacedout Beats` blog is a great way to stay updated with new beats, updates and strategies to master the game. But there is so much more we want to offer that we went and created a bigger place with more feature and free services to really help our community.

Are you ready for the best news yet?

Music Promotion on twitter

When it comes to promoting your music, social media is your best bet. But…

What is the best social media to promote your music on?

     I`m not sure what is the best social media to promote music on because there all very much alike therefore is up to you to decide which is best for you and what you like. But I can tell you Twitter is the ninth largest social network in the world with 328 million monthly active users I will defiantly put Twitter on the list. 

The Best way to Increase Engagement on Facebook



     Facebook is the most populated social media platform. With over 1 billion members is hard to stand out or even become visible to people that you already know. So, the question remains

How to Increase Engagement on Facebook?

1. Posting on Facebook

     There is no argument. To keep your account active and be visible to friends you most post frequently. Posting on a regular is the key to increase engagement on Facebook, but only if you do it right.

How to Become a Successful Facebook Musician


     Facebook is used by 2 billion people around the world so if you are looking for a social platform to get started on, Facebook is the place to start. Are you already on Facebook? Than the question will be, are you doing the right things to be a successful Facebook musician?
The first mistake a lot of musician make is getting started.


Create a successful Facebook Profile

     Even though you could use your personal account, I strongly recommend to creating one for your brand. Why? Because you are going to need to treat this account differently.

New Mixtape



After spending my last few months developing a few websites I now thought was time to put out some new music.

     This mixtape is a collection of songs I have done this year. it`s named B4B (B4 I begin) just because I`m at a point in life where I want to become more focus on my music career by pushing more beats, more songs and best of all help other artists. I believe we artists gotta come together in other to become successful in this music industry. So, before I begin and start doing all those thing which I already have lined up, I publish this mixtape.